My Fitness Story

Fitness has always been a part of my life. I played street hockey with the neighborhood kids when I was way too small to hold a hockey stick, and dabbled in track, basketball and volleyball in middle and high school. My first real experience in a gym (and by gym I mean the local rec center) was going to step aerobics classes with a friend at age 16. I then tried other classes like kickboxing and body pump, which led to me teaching myself how to use the machines and free weights.

In college I started running and lifting nearly every day, which was also the same time I developed a whole wealth of stomach issues – a non-functioning gallbladder, IBS, food intolerances – many of which I still deal with today. Despite how bad my stomach felt, the only time I felt good, felt strong, felt in control of my body was in the gym. Working out became my therapy, my "me time".

At the worst of my health issues I weighed a mere 94lbs.

As an output of trying to solve the stomach issues I began facing disordered eating – which is defined as an unhealthy relationship with food in which you over analyze every single thing that you eat. In my case I worried that too much of any food would cause me to feel even worse than I already did, which meant that I planned when and how much of any food I would eat – every single day. Through all of this, I was still working out and running a lot – 3 half and 1 full marathon to be exact. I was putting my body through physical stress, stress that oddly felt good because again, it felt like the only thing I could control and it left me feeling empowered.

Fast forward several years, I've thankfully overcome the disordered eating, I've had hip surgery for dysplasia and a torn labrum which ironically required me to stop running and start focusing more on overall mobility and lifting weights to help me get stronger.

I now lift more, eat more and weigh more than I ever have and you know what? I feel f'ing good.

Strength is a funny thing, it's challenging, it takes learning and skill, and it is the most empowering thing we can do for our physical and mental health. Whatever your reason is to be healthy, to feel healthy, to LIVE healthy – stick to that and never let it go.

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