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How to Get Motivated for Your Workout

One of the most common conversations I have with my clients is around the ebb and flow of motivation with their workout routine. Typically, when anyone starts a new fitness program they are totally amped with so much motivation to jump into it and kickstart their newfound fitness journey. For some, that feeling hangs around for a handful of weeks or even months, and then it slowly starts to dwindle.

And hey, I totally get it. Work gets busy making you more tired, stressed or distracted. Seasons change, the weather gets nice and you find yourself with more opportunities to meet up with friends for happy hours or the weather gets cold and you'd just rather stay in that warm cozy bed than workout in your cold basement. Things come up with your personal life or with family that need your attention and you of course put that ahead of the time you typically spend in your workout.

Life happens, and that's okay.

In these conversations with my clients, what I always come back to is asking them to think about how they felt both physically and mentally when they were in that initial super-motivated-never-missing-a-workout mindset. I ask them to revisit the texts or phone calls we had then, when they were so excited and so proud of themselves, when they were truly feeling better than they ever have. I ask them to let that feeling be their motivation to get back into their routine, to let that feeling help them decide that spending 30 minutes on themselves and for themselves in any given day is 100% okay and necessary if they want to continue showing up for others throughout their life.

Motivation will always come and go, it's just how our brains our wired. But in the days, weeks, or months that you feel your motivation slip – take the time to sit down and think about what has changed in your life. Take the time to acknowledge that maybe you have been prioritizing others over yourself and know that is okay. But also take the time to remind yourself that the time investment in yourself to move your body, eat right and be present and in tune with your own well being is also so incredibly important. When that realization sets in, the motivation will more than likely come back.

You've got this.

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